This woven cotton material is triangular shaped for making slings for arms. Made from cotton calico material (beige coloured) that can be washed although it is not hemmed. Because it is a soft material it can be used as padding or protection. You can also fold the bandage point up towarde the longer length to make a broard fold bandage for splinting.

Dimensions: 90 x 90 x 127cm

For ease of applying a sling fold the longer length in half and place the fold in front of the injured arm with the point at the elbow, using this as a rough guide tie a single knot at the top, giving you a large loop. Slip the loop over their head and slide the arm through the loop so the hand comes all the way through and rests at the middle of the long edge. You will have excess material at the point now which can be twisted and tucked in, stuck down with tape or a second knot tied to hold the elbow in place.